Scatterhome wants YOU!

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A Haiku* in Five Parts

My Salutations
to all my Scatterhomies
(...and the rest of you)

Something's going down
in Micro right after sync
Be there or don't be

It is up to you
I won't sensationalize
or oversell it

I could tell you more
but I've decided not to
cause that's how I roll

Scatterhome's the place
Haven, specifically
See you flakkers there!

*or something like that

Sup, Scatters. This Thursday, sometime after sync. Things will happen, as things often do.

Your friendly neighborhood Storyteller


  • MatlkaelMatlkael Posts: 347Member ✭✭✭
    Ominous  :o
    Mereas Eyrlock
    "They're excited, but poor."
    - Ilyos (August 2019)
  • PaquPaqu Posts: 64Member ✭✭
    Recoil had a literal plot armor. =)
    I'm Vianou, by the way.
  • PoetPoet Posts: 98Member ✭✭✭
    I missed a lot of this, and then an inadvertent programming error led Poet to acting crazier than normal. (for her, invisible Chrome Skulls were everywhere).

    After everything was over, and as many of you might expect, Scatterhome drank Gravity dry.  Poet offered Genny cash for a custom cocktail out of whatever she had behind the bar. Her only requests were that it "not be too froofy" and that it should "fuck shit up".  For a limited time, you can get these at Gravity :)

    -- A fancy cocktail glass filled with chilly blue slush (#47752) --------------

    Owner:        Unknown                                   Usable life: 15 mo.

    Mass:         Very small                                Resetting:   No

    Description: This blue-ish purple bluepricot cocktail is made of a slush of strong tasting vodka and fresh bluepricots and hinkafruit liqueur, topped with a mint leaf and a trio of fresh bluepricots on top for decoration.


    Contents: 10 draughts of chilly blue slush slosh about inside.



    You take a drink from a fancy cocktail glass filled with chilly blue slush.

    Chunky and cold, the blue slush glides down your throat, tasting of chemicals and marshmallows.

    The strong taste of alcohol permeates through the drink's flavor!

    [Cassandra]: Poet will be unsurprised to learn that she has unread news.
  • SlanderSlander Posts: 176Member ✭✭✭
    Even though I couldn't be around for the big battle Thursday (stupid job) I gotta say that this whole thing was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much everyone who was involved, storytellers and players. It forced Slander to make difficult decisions, question herself quite a bit, strained (and in one case, destroyed) relationships and even caused me stress at times but it was totally worth it. By far the most fun I've had with an event in all my years of MUDs.
    I'm gone.
  • OrrinOrrin Posts: 16Member ✭✭
    I agree, it was awesome! Well done and thanks to Soren for the amazing storytelling, and creating an immersive and compelling event. I'm not strong enough to take part in the battles really but it was really exciting to be a part of, despite getting killed 3 times on Saturday 😂 
    Brilliant stuff!
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