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Announcements post #55: Shopfront updates.

<pre>From: Garryn, the Reshaper
Subject: Shopfront updates.

You can now purchase several new additions to your shop fronts!

- AUTOCRAFTER (20000 Marks): Lets you stock designs instead of crafted goods, which will be auto-produced on demand. Extra 5% fee paid on purchase.
- CAPACITY (10000 Marks): Lets you stock another 5 items. Can buy up to 5 times.
- CATEGORY (5000 Marks): Lets you add another category. Can buy up to 5 times.
- COLOR <name> (20000 Marks): Changes the color of your shop in all the lists, one-time use. Enter without a color toget the list. OFF to disable (Marks are not refunded).

TT SHOP <name> PURCHASE HELP will also show these.

For the autocrafter - you can stock any design that you own, and the item will be automatically produced whenever someone purchases it. The Marks cost on the design will be deduced from the shop owner at the time of purchase (+5% surplus).

Remember that if you set the purchase price to be lower than the creation cost,you will be selling at a loss and losing Marks on each sale - the game will show a warning when setting the price.

Together with these, the shop code has received various under-the-hood improvements, which should have no visible effect, but please report if anything breaks as a result.


  • Bought food from a shop, got a snarling goredog instead. Waiter! My dish is too raw!
  • :) Fixed now.
  • Do designs need to be active? Will it work for shared designs?
  • Should work on anything that you can DESIGN CRAFT. Needs to be active, yes.
  • edited May 2019
    How do you feature a design in the storefront, once you add it to the store?

    It also appears things don't appear with tt search when looking for an item that's as a design. I stocked my ice cream design, but tt search icecream doesn't find it. search ice cream did though. But not the combined word for the item. Well, at least it's findable!
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