Ship customizations

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So, anyone customized their ship yet? Share yours here. Or other folks' if you find them cool, that's good too.


  • XiruXiru Posts: 500Member ✭✭✭✭
    I need more options as I'm not changing them just to change them, but...

    -- The Sundancer --------------------------------------------------------------
    Make/Model : Akari Yards Corsair
    Class : Light Interceptor
    Hull Color(1): Hitchhiker Yellow Hull Color(2): Desert Sunset
    Hull Pattern(1): Standard issue Hull Pattern(2): Standard issue
    Wing Style: Standard issue Hull Finish: Standard issue
    Decal: A blazing sun symbol
    Hull Shape: Standard issue
    Ship Condition: Peerless
    Description: This is an overly bright but otherwise standard issue Light Interceptor
    Registration: Xiru

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