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Description contest

edited April 2019 in The Commsphere
Not quite sure where to post this so I'm putting this here. 

My character has been going without a proper description since the game opened due to my utter lack of imagination and creativity. Months ago, a former forumgoer once offered to make descriptions for others but he/she vanished shortly after making that offer. So, I'm now ready to offer 10 credits to whoever writes a description for my character.

Here are the physical features that I picked on character creation : 

Race: Elgan
Appearance: Middle-aged
Ear shape: Protruding
Eye color: Amber
Height: 104 cm
Skin color: Black
Build : Thin

EDIT : Forgot to mention, the class is B.E.A.S.T. if that matters.


  • That's not really enough to go on. What gender are they? Ehat are they interested in? Is this for a rough fighty elgan with an eyepatch? A suave James Biloxan sort? Do you want me to describe the suit as well, or just the dude in it?
  • Gender is male. As for personality and interests, honestly, I am winging it. He's pretty much an Average Joe. He's delving in almost everything, except manufacturing, but excels in nothing. I have no preference toward including the suit in the description or not.
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