Announcements post #50: Item Customization!

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<pre>From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Item Customization!

Greetings Starmourners!

We're very happy to announce the release of our Item Customization system!

If there's that particular item you found in the galaxy and are very fond of and never wish to lose, you can now make it last forever. If you're unhappy with the looks of a piece of furniture you happen to own or are tired of misplacing an old family heirloom, there is now a solution to those problems.

A customization is paid for with credits and may

- Change the appearance of an item (DESCRIPTION customization)
- Affect whether the item decays (NON-DECAY customization)
- Return to its owner (RESET customization)

Currently, Starmourn offers customization of props, junk, clothing, jewelry, food, and various other items. We do not currently offer customization for armor or weapons.

The details of how customization works in are listed in HELP ITEM CUSTOMIZATION. Typing CUSTOMIZE REQUEST by itself will give you a syntax menu that clearly defines the commands necessary for submitting and editing your request.

Have a most amazing day!</pre>
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