Announcements post #47: Worldbreaker's Wheel Updates!

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<pre>From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Worldbreaker's Wheel Updates!

Greetings again, Starmourners!

Now that we're properly acquainted, onwards to some interesting changes for this month's promo. We have spiced up the Worldbreaker's Wheel and rotated the artifact table with all sorts of new shiny artifacts and objects you can win if you spin it with a 'star-stamped gaming token'. Most of them are never before seen, so let's take a quick look at them...but before you read on, know that we have more than DOUBLED the chance of landing an artifact spin on the outer wheel. For info on the items and how the wheel works, read HELP WHEEL at your leisure.

The sonic Hypersweeper - A recent breakthrough in research and development by Artekeera Detection has taken the technology found in orbital sonic telescopes and compacted it into a portable device, suitable for shipboard use. The hypersweeper's sensors make it possible to pinpoint the precise location and composition of valueable minerals and gasses all over the sector, and its use of deep space comm buoys make that pesky light speed delay a thing of the past.

SHIP HYPERSCAN <mineral/gas> to find the nearest of that commodity to you
60 minute cooldown
Smartpaint [tm] - Smartpaint [tm], a product of Sparklejoy Incorporated, uses color-changing nanites and a high-gloss finish to give you a rainbow of hues available at the touch of a button in a single aerosol can. For all your decoration and home crafting needs, choose Smartpaint [tm]! (Sparklejoy Incorporated does not condone the use of Smartpaint [tm] on public property.)

TURN CAN to set the color of your graffiti message
SPRAY <prop> <message> to leave your graffiti message on the desired prop.
10 charges
Anyone can then see if there GRAFFITI in the room and quickly inspect them.
Transponder Re-registration - The Stellar Insurance Corporation is proud to announce that it has finally perfected a proprietary hardware device that will allow you to re-register your transponder while protecting your ship's identity. Pick up a transponder registration chip today if you find yourself dissatisfied with the name of your spacegoing vessel.

SHIP RENAME <new name> while on your ship
Good for only ONE use
Note that your renaming is a public affair and, while standing in an INSURANCE office, anyone can check INSURANCE HISTORY <name> to see what a ship has been renamed to.
Personal Holoprojector - News reels and gossip feeds across the commsphere are abuzz with the latest tech trend sweeping the cities and stations of the sector. Personal holoprojectors, used for everything from advertising your personal brand to putting your enemies on blast, are popping up everywhere, to the consternation of local authorities. "It's, like, about localizing your visibility," says a Dagnir Rantom, a young Tukkav from Litharge. "Otherwise how will anyone, like, remember that you exist?"

Drop the holoprojector in a room and then PUSH it to activate it. Whatever you SAY next will be recorded into the holoprojector and it will be randomly displayed to players when they enter the room. There can only be ONE holoprojector in a room at any given time and they will reset to you after several days. PULL it to get it back into your inventory.
Neuroprojectors - Neuroprojection is a new platform for directly interfacing with mindsim visual overlays for super-realistic augmented reality effects. It is being hailed as the latest and greatest advancement in A.R, though lawmakers across the sector have voiced concerns about privacy. Advertisers and early adopters, however, are enthusiastically getting on board with the device.

NEUROPROJECT <illusion> to broadcast your illusion/message to the room. Basically works like SHIP ILLUSION.
10 charges.
Experimental Matter Reorganizer - SpaceCase Interiors, an interior design firm, announces the release of their experimental matter reorganizer. The reorganizer makes onboard ship rennovations a breeze, working within the physical bounds of your vessel's hull to craft the environment of your dreams. (The experimental matter reorganizer does not work on living tissue. SpaceCase Interiors takes no responsibility for any attempts to reorganize sentient flesh.)

You will automatically use this whenever you try SHIP REFIT REDESCRIBE ROOM and it will make your redescribe command free.
4 charges.
You'll find these along the popular varieties of the Heal Boost and Regen stat artifacts we already have in the rotation.

Good luck spinning and may you earn the lingering favor of the Worldbreaker!</pre>


  • KirinKirin Member Posts: 98 ✭✭✭
    A few pieces of feedback

    1) Smartpaint TM - is the graffiti permanent once applied?  the ability to paint a prop (which can be destroyed) 10 times (for $10) is a bit expensive 
    Proposed Solution: Have a CD of 1 Game month or 1 Game year to recharge and repost messages. 

    2) Neuroprojector - Again, the ability to simply project an illusion 10 times seems a bit flimsy for a $10 artifact. 
    Proposed Solution: Have a CD of 1 Game Month to re-project. 
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