Introducing Echo, The Mindsim Voicepack

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Vaughn Industries is proud to introduce its latest innovation, Echo! Echo is a fully audible mindsim with 90 different high fidelity voice lines. Echo is specialized in ship combat and is programmed to provide important information regarding enemies, shields, weapons, and more. Currently there is no pre-built systems to utilize Echo so technically savvy individuals are encouraged to provide them for various clients. Vaughn Industries will be providing a Mudbot Module with Echo in the nearest of futures.
While I reserve all rights to this work, I give permission for anyone to use these files in relation to any non-commercial Starmourn project. In addition I reserve the right to individually or entirely withdraw this permission for whatever reason. That said, I have no intention to do so. Enjoy!
High Quality Audio Files (Recommended - All files are named) Mindsim Voicepack
Ultra, High, and Low Quality Audio Files (Larger download - Files are not named) Mindsim


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    I don't know if I'll use any of this, but this is really, really freaking cool. Thanks for sharing.
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    Super super cool! Holy shit.
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    • Added Medium Quality Download w\ Renamed Files (Recommended)
    • Posted Script to Pastebin
    I personally cannot tell the difference between the "high" and "medium" quality audio files.
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    Working on integrating this with Tintin++ atm. I'll update later with progress.

    I'm new to starmourne, if anyone has a list of possible trigger type text that I can get via pastebin, that would be awesome. The ship shield % and other number based basic ones I've got covered, it's just getting all the equipment to use and see how it goes.

    As much as I'd like a super tricked out ship in my first 24 hours of playing, I'm kinda glad that I don't have one.
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    First two sounds in and work as expected. The hardest part was remembering how to pipe extraneous output "somewhere else" to keep from mucking up the LOS in game.

    I should mention this needs the sox package to get access to the "play" command

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    I'm thinking of adding this to my B.E.A.S.T. build, to simulate a suit's mindsim!

    I'm probably going to have to run the voice through some modulators so it doesn't sound exactly the same.
    I'm going to scratch that plan for now and just get as many as I can into my build. Whee!
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