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Operation: Lone Star

This was our experimental RP-Ops try in III to establish some kind of tabletop feel to the player-run events. Of course for reading pleasure I have cleaned through all the dice rolls, crew chat and other unrelated data which was not a small task! Thanks to all the participants and to Admin for providing this room in Scrapston to set the mood: 

Crumbling waterfront in Scrapston near an abandoned factory.
The canal seeps slowly past a wide sweep of waterfront, much of which is beginning to erode into the water. The area is surprisingly spacious for Litharge, but seems to have once been devoted to loading docks and parking spaces for an abandoned factory or industrial complex, nearby. Now, all is deserted, with weeds straggling up through cracks in the syncrete, and the factory doors sagging partially open to reveal ominous darkness within.


It can be considered somewhat a long read. Hopefully we will have more opportunities to design and run more such events in the future!
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