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Mudlet 3.19 – better dark themes support, more translations

Better dark themes support, more of Mudlet translated for Chinese, German, Russian and Italian, and mapper improvements are all in this update!

More internalisation

Big thanks to all of the translators who worked to translate Mudlet! German translation is up 10% and regains its gold star, Chinese and Italian translations are up 15%, and Russian translation is up 7%!

Better dark theme compatibility

More colours have been removed from the editor so it can be better themed for dark more! Give us your feedback on how it feels. For a selection of pre-made dark themes, checkout this thread.

Compact room selection table

xekon worked to make the room selection table more compact, now it occupies less space while still helping you with mapping.


  • #dddddd syntax added to hecho/hinsertText, alongside existing |dddddd
  • added an option to Geyser to flyout labels on hover (instead of click)
  • fixed up typos / made tooltips and other messages more intuitive and clear
  • lots of code improvements within Mudlet itself
  • more colours removed from script editor, to make dark themes better (give us feedback on this)
  • more text is available for translation! See on how to help translate
  • room selection widget in the mapper is now more compact


Big thanks to Delra, Kebap, SlySven, vadi2, and xekon for improving Mudlets code in this release!

On the translation side, thanks to anonymous Chinese translator, Leris, sshlich, Vadi, and wiploo for doing the work.

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