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    This might be over thinking things, but one thing that slightly irks me a bit is that there is no RP explanation as to why the stations become damaged over time. If the damage was explained by, for example, a giant tentacled space monster periodically attacking the station, then it would introduce the possibility of halting station damage temporarily by banning together in ships and fighting off said space monster.
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    Back in Scatterhome, I just made up a reason that the contractors tasked with maintaining Reynolds have abruptly chosen to end their contract with the faction due to the sector's declining economy, thus putting the task to the spacers. No one seems to mind.  Or if they did,  they didn't tell me.
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    Rhindara said:
    Something that we could really use is a separate log for all the faction storage actions and the station missions, because they really spam up the log. COMMLOG <org> would be a really nice qol addition.
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    I think station missions need some rewards. Repairing stations should increase incoming commerce & trade and thereby provide more marks/ credits to the factions. 

    Further, I think station repairs should be an yearly thing rather than a monthly thing. At this rate it simply stresses the systems too much
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    I'm guessing the introduction of refineries and autofactories to faction stations will soon tie into the station mission system, which may count as a "reward". 
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