is there any way to progress captaincy without combat?

KitranaKitrana Member Posts: 62
i can't even use gas scoops yet, so is combat seriously my only way to level up to be able to use them?


  • DesmondDesmond Member Posts: 28 ✭✭
    You can try to fulfill MARKET ORDERS, but it is very very unlikely that you will find ones that will turn a profit at this moment as they are very rare (though that's likely to change down the road). Be warned that, while they do give captaincy xp, it's a low amount of captaincy xp. Combat is the best way to go at this moment.
  • KitranaKitrana Member Posts: 62
    i am looking to avoid ship combat, so that's unfortunate.
  • TiaseTiase Member Posts: 63
    Do the easy incursions. They mostly sit there and let you shoot them. 
  • KitranaKitrana Member Posts: 62
    that doesn't really avoid ship combat.
  • Lovely_FlaviaLovely_Flavia Member Posts: 1
    The answer is no.  

    At least until you unlock Scoops, which shouldn't take long.  

    After you unlock Scoops you can avoid it entirely, but it will be slow-going.
  • MatlkaelMatlkael Member Posts: 347 ✭✭✭
    You can buy and sell resources without having to gather and refine them yourself.
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  • YayehYayeh Member Posts: 39 ✭✭
    It is theoretically possible, (but very reliant on other people, a large sum of marks, and possibly a large amount of time) to 1) Scout out MARKET ORDER LIST for needs for produced goods. 2) Buy an autofactory which meets the current demand, 3) Make market orders for the refined materials needed to produce said goods (which involves paying others to gather/refine resources for you. 4) Produce products with your autofactory, then finally 5) Sell your products via fulfilling market orders (which as someone mentioned, where you would gain your captaincy) 
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