A sad day

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For 15 years now, I've had the distinct privilege of shaping the worlds that you enjoy on a daily basis here at IRE, working alongside some of the most creative, hard-working team members that anyone could ever ask for, and most of all, I've had the honor of getting to know you all; the players of our games. It is with a heavy heart that after all of this, it is time for me to say farewell.

With our second child due in the next few weeks, I've decided to step away to focus more on our growing family, before starting the next leg of my professional journey in the coming months. My last day with the company will be March 31, 2019.

Do not worry though, Starmourn is in good hands! You will still have Garryn, Eukelade, and the rest of our amazing team here to improve and expand the sector every single day. We've got a really solid roadmap that will guide everyone through 2019, and I'll be working with Matt and Jeremy to ensure that we find and train the best possible successor. I hope that you will embrace them with the same love and support you have shown me throughout the years.

As always, I remain the greatest fan of Iron Realms and the amazing products they produce, and look forward to the future of Achaea, Aetolia, Imperian, Lusternia, and Starmourn, as well as any future endeavors they embark upon.


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    Nooooo! :(
    I understand, having three of my own, and I'm happy for you, but so sad for me and all of IRE! :(

    Good luck with everything; I have tremendous respect for you and I know you will succeed in everything that you do. 
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    You will be missed! Favourite IRE headmin so far.
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    Bah, where's that 'Dislike' button?
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    You'll be missed Justin, especially after 15 years of working together!
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    and here i just got to like'n you too. Good luck on your new journey friend.
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    Thank you for everything, Tecton.
    Live long and prosper.
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    So long, congrats in advance (for the child, not for leaving IRE), and best wishes for your future :)

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    @Tecton - I have loved your producing skills and influence on the games I love. I will miss you. I've missed Starmourn the last month or so, but I'm really glad I logged long enough to see this. Good luck with everything in the future and all my love to you and your family. <3
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    Thanks for bringing Starmourn to light for us to enjoy. I have no doubt that the game is in good hands in close future from development side. But also I am confident that we as players will ensure that your legacy of Starmourn remains intact. 

    Good luck on the next leg of your career, Tecton!
  • KiaraKiara Posts: 24Member
    @Tecton I am both happy and sad to read this. You've done such an amazing job with IRE in general, I hate to see you go, but I am hopeful that you will pop in time to time and let us know you're okay! Thank you for everything you've done and for dealing with us as players at our best and worst. 
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    On the one hand I'm excited for @Tecton moving on in his career, growing his family and all that other wonderful stuff. On the other hand as an IRE player who has enjoyed his work greatly for the past 8 or so years I find this to be an:

    All the best to you and your family Tecton!
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    @Tecton - Ad Astra Per Aspera

    I wish happiness and health to your family and future, wherever it takes you!
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