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MWP Tether and ship combat aliases on Nexus

So. I use Nexus, I can't code to save my life and I'm trying to come up with two different aliases. One involving MWP Tether that would allow me to pull my target to me and it would have to cover every possible direction. The second alias would be to handle ship combat, whether in incursions or against other players. Right now, the alias I use is something like this : SHIP WEAPON FIRE 713 trinaries. And everytime I want to join a new incursion, I need to modify the alias ahead of time. Rather impractical to say the least. For some reason, using st trinaries and using the @tar variable do not seem to work for incursions. It doesn't recognize the target when I try.

Both easy and simple stuff for most of you, but if it involves something more than writing MWP Wristblade @tar,  it's well out of my league. Thanks for any help given.


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    Make a new variable. Let's call it @tar1. Now make a new alias, for example: settar <targ>. Action: modify variable @tar1 to variable @targ. If you do "settar trinaries" or whatever then it'll target trinaries. Make sure your cannon fire aliases include the variable: ship weapon fire (whatever) @tar1. All the variable and alias names can be changed as you see fit.
    Might wanna do the same for tether, the game doesn't like @tar if the target isn't actually in the room but other variables work right. The simple but spammy solution here is to MWP TETHER from every possible direction in one alias. A more elegant one is to have two variables, one for target and the other for the direction.
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