Ship updates - batch #2 (Upcoming changes)

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We've got another batch of ship changes heading your way in the coming days, and I'm giving you guys a bit of a heads-up as to what's changing and what to expect:

Ship Capacitors
- Ship capacitor power is now a passive, always regenerating resource pool. This regen rate is based off the power draw of your capacitor, and any surplus power from your ship's generators.
- Regeneration isn't linear, the more power missing from your capacitor, the slower it regens.

Ship Weapons
- Ship weapons are now innately linked to the ship's capacitor pool, with each shot drawing a portion of the capacitor's charge to fire.
- Ship weapon firing cooldowns have been reduced.
- There is now more of a damage spread on ship weapons of different sizes. With small weapons generally doing lower damage now.

Ship Shields
- Shields will now repop with 25% of their maximum strength.
- Shields can now be "angled", favoring a particular side of the ship. This will remove any chance of shield bypass against this side of the ship. When one side is favored, the others have a higher chance of bypass.
- Shield angling now shows on SHIP SCAN.

* Dev notes: The above changes are to add some depth to ship weapons. You will now want to intelligently manage your capacitor power to take advantage of your foe's shields being down. By monitoring your capacitor pool, you'll make a decision of when to try and conserve/build capacitor charge by slower shots, or to burn through it by firing at maximum speed.

Additional upcoming changes in this batch
- Repair kits are generally a lot more effective per unit.
- All of the Captaincy tricks capacitor power costs have been adjusted for the new system.
- Junk generation and captaincy experience for non-ship NPCs (as shown with a & on the map) has been lowered slightly, while being increased for Ship (* on the space map) NPC enemies.



  • YayehYayeh Posts: 22Member
    Question about shield angling: is it cardinal-direction based or side-of-the-ship based? If it is based on cardinal direction, and I command something like SHIELD SOUTH, I could see the shield remaining angled in that position while turning. If it is based on aft, port, bow, stern, then the shield will have to be adjusted with each turn in order to constantly defend from a specific

  • GarrynGarryn Posts: 54Administrator Starmourn staff
    It's based on the side of the ship, not on cardinal directions.
  • ZhulkarnZhulkarn Posts: 86Member ✭✭
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    Will there be capacitor draining modules in the future? Potentially incapacitating ships and leaving them toothless.

    Feeling some fuzzy Eve Online vibes out there!
  • TectonTecton Posts: 686Administrator Starmourn staff
    Zhulkarn said:
    Will there be capacitor draining modules in the future? Potentially incapacitating ships and leaving them toothless.
    Potentially! We'll see how this plays out and go from there!
  • VaughnVaughn Posts: 34Member ✭✭
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    I like this change as a system that rewards smart and efficient weapon usage. Instead of firing all your weapons, now there could be one or two reserved preloaded with different ammo depending on shield or hull health. Because, as-is, reload times for switching ammunition seem prohibitive.
    Edit: Looks like reload times were reduced as well.
  • VaughnVaughn Posts: 34Member ✭✭
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    With ship and non-ship enemies now providing respectively more and less junk/XP, could they be given their own category? Ships feel like they should be one tier higher: Very Hard. Having more incursion options would be fantastic.
    Or maybe even an incursion diffculty with two types of enemies!
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