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Development Updates - February 20, 2019

Firstly, I have to apologize for things being been a bit slower for the past two weeks, due to my needing to head back to Australia, and having very little in the way of internet access. As I'm sure you're all aware, I'm back now, and it's time to give you some updates on what's happening in terms of Starmourn development.

Current projects we're working on are:
1) Ships - we're updating and improving the entire ship system, making it a lot more user friendly and intuitive. Some highlights of the first phase of this are:
- Making a harder differentiation on ship classes, and dividing the components up in to shipclass-specific options, so fitting out your ship won't just be bigger = better, you'll want to make meaningful decisions as to what you want to prioritize on your vessel.
- Separating power flow and thrust on ships, to make kitting them out a bit easier.
- Weapon ammo and shield/bypass mechanics changes to make these more usable and less frustrating.

This is the first of a couple of batches, with subsequent ones tweaking Captaincy, gathering mechanics, weapons, etc.

2) Economy - Continued work on this, adding more non-space sinks for cargo/refined goods, giving captains easier access to player-created ship supplies, reworking our algorithms for how asteroids and gas clouds spawn, and rejigging things in terms of fees/taxes that you pay in the varying parts of the economical systems.

3) Classleads - As you're all likely aware, classlead reports are open for submission this week. Submissions will close on Sunday, and then you'll be able to comment on the submitted reports with any pertinent input. Once things are all finalized, we'll start coding up the approved reports and getting the class changes into your hot little hands.

4) Building - More hacking content will be coming your way shortly! Our building team is putting the final touches on a new system that combines hacking and questing in a new and exciting way!

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