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Any news/update about the game?

Recently there was the Q&A and the question were good, but other than that it seems that IR don't publish anything about the game anymore. Look for the wiki for example, if you look at the recent changes from 14 days ago nothing have been made. I thought the beta was going to start at the end of 2017/start of 2018, well, we nearly there, I thought new information about the game will be published at least weekly if not daily. Is this an indication that the game is going to be out after what was expected or IR just waiting until they got all the things right to make a huge update? 
Nevertheless I'm exited for the game, think its going to be awesome, would love to read more about the lore before the game is playable. 


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    Greetings! I'd say the biggest piece of recent news is the main Starmourn page ( being updated. Perhaps a bit of bad news, is that the release date for Starmourn was squarely pushed into 2018. There are tentative estimates of Q1 2018 as the release timeframe, however, like with all games that could shift. 

    It is also my understanding that an update is on the way soon related to a new character class. No specific timeframe on that other than "soon" but I believe IRE is waiting on some concept art to be finished.

    Additionally, it is likely that the lack of information lately is related to two things. First, Aurelius has been traveling a lot which has taken up a lot of his time, from what he has said (Source: Second, a lot of the Starmourn systems are at a point where there really isn't anything interesting to show about them. They are being worked on, but, revealing anything about them wouldn't make sense because their functionality could end up changing and/or what exists now isn't polished.

    So, to answer your question more directly, I think it's more about IRE trying to get things where they want them before releasing info.
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    Also, though there usually isn’t any new info there, there’s a steady group on the Discord server who often chat about the game, including Tecton, if you’re interested in hanging out with us.
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  • I'm intending to do a small update today, but generally we decided that it's more productive to spend more of our time focusing on making the game vs. putting together updates, particularly as many systems and such are still in flux.
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