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Development Updates - January 22 2019

We've been rolling along at a breakneck pace for the past couple of weeks, polishing systems, balancing classes, and improving life in Starmourn! If you've not been keeping up-to-date with the Updates board in-game, here's some of the highlights:
  • Numerous updates to the economy system have been put in! From gathering gasses and asteroids to refining and manufacturing these raw resources into salable goods on the open market - we've improved everything.
  • Area polishing and playability improvements everywhere, with the team doing a pass on all of the level 50 - 75 areas! New dangerous creatures, expanded areas, and general QOL updates to make the higher level experience even better!
  • The most recent class balancing pass is underway, with BEASTS, Scoundrels, and Nanoseers receiving updates and tweaks, and Engineers and Fury being released in the coming days! Naturally, class balancing and improving is never "finished", but the classes are really lining up, numbers-wise!

What's coming next, you may ask?
  • As mentioned above, Engineers and Furies will be getting their balancing passes, with adjusted abilities, fixes, and general improvements.
  • The economy still serves as a primary focus, we're going to add some new non-ship elements that work with, and rely on, the economy and production system. 
  • A new bounty hunter system has been designed, and coding begins on this new feature! Players become mercenaries and carry out hits out on other players (as revenge for PK deaths). Some really cool thematic and mechanical systems in play here that will shake things up!
  • We're starting on phase 2 designs for Cosmpiercers, adding in a bunch of new elements that will bring your faction's combined skillsets (including hacking, piloting, PVE and PVP) together when liberating these ancient artifacts for your side.

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