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Nexus Improvement

Hello! I'm a long time mudlet user, who's taken for resolution to build my stuff from scratch on Nexus when playing Starmourn. This is mostly because I've been using my phone to log in much more than before, since my play times change too drastically.

I've noticed two things: I am incredibly reliant on buttons to replace my F keys, and thus need to use those same six buttons differently in different situations. The system allows us to alter the label, or the command, highlight and unhilight, along with restore to default. However, I wonder if it would instead be possible to make those buttons change scripts, or call functions too at the very least. This would allow for more detailed scripting in my opinion.

Also, captaincy is basically unplayable on mobile (and on screenreaders too). In my case, I wonder if it would be possible to add a spaceship control panel as a tab that goes under the map, with buttons to turn, control engines, and maybe activate / deactivate modules. Targetting and firing would be a plus, too.
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