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Prone, Stand, and the queue system

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(Edit: Upon checking logs, some of this information is not accurate. Queueing is still an issue with prone though!)

I wanted to provide some feedback on prone as an affliction and the issues I'm having with the queue system. I play with a high ping, and I cannot send my attacks right as I regain balance because the delay turns a 2.5 second balance attack into what's effectively 4-5 seconds of waiting for the attack to go off. So I use queueing, and it works well. On occasion I'll have 3+second lag spikes, but that's fine and nothing other than a queue stack would help alleviate that one.

The problem is prone. If I'm prone, I need to manually stand. That takes a command, and I cannot attack while I'm prone. So I need to stand right after I regain balance. But then my queue has to be used for stand, bringing me back to my original problem. I have tried sending joint commands to queue them (stand|wristblade Tecton) but only the last command gets put on the queue. (Edit: I see the issue now. The queued attack won't go through. WW will make me stand immediately after the "you must be standing" error message, and then I can send my command again. But this is where we run into the ping problem, as basically prone disables the use of any queueing for me since I must manually resend after getting balance.)

Somebody suggested that using an attack just automatically stand you if you are not otherwise hindered and unable to stand. I think, unless we're able to get queue stacking, this would be a simple enough solution. The prone condition is trivial if your ping is low, since you can just put "stand" at the top of every attack alias. It's significantly more debilitating if that method of attacking (sending several commands on balance, as opposed to queueing one command before balance) is not feasible due to high ping.

High ping is already very punishing, and this change would help us not fall even further behind due to a single condition that's otherwise easy to fix. 

Thoughts? I often miss something obvious with these suggestions, so maybe what I'm proposing is stupid for some reason I haven't considered. 


  • I feel very much in the same boat with the high pings from living far from the servers and I can't play competitively with the queuing system in its current iteration. Is the way it is currently just a temporary thing to provide some functionality before we move to a proper queuing system like we have present in Imperian, or is this an intentional design based on how differently Starmourn plays out against other games in the IRE family?
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    I'm not very familiar with Starmourn combat, but I died a little inside when people were saying that they added "stand" before every single alias.

    I agree that the queue system should queue up the entire command stack that uses the ingame separator.. I can't think of a situation where you would send a stack of commands in one client command but only want the very last one to actually get queued up?

    Putting prone on a timer has probably been suggested before.. Maybe a timer that varies/delays based on your current state of balance loss.. I know there are abilities that only work on prone, so it's probably a complicated solution.

    But essentially replicating the alias solution by auto-standing when able and needed (maybe only if the prone was forced), seems a lot better than having 'stand' on every alias.

    I was also hoping for a more fleshed out ingame queue, but it doesn't seem to me like that's the direction they are going. I thought the way the queue only queues up one command at a time max was actually indicative of the way they wanted the combat to work.. ie. you shouldn't really ever need to queue stacks of commands in this combat system.. Maybe I'm way off track on that.
  • It definitely feels purposeful that you can't queue more than one thing at a time, be it standing or anything else. But the combat system is still in a heady state of flux so who knows. Right now a lot could change in a short time.
  • I've never had to manually stand, the game's automatically made me stand if I had balance.
    Personally my issue with prone is more that it counts as an aff with regard to wetwiring, so affliction curing can cure it when it really shouldn't.
  • @maruna I actually got the idea that people were aliasing Stand to the beginning of their attacks because of one of your earlier logs. I kept seeing "You are already standing" before the attack messages went off, and wondered if that's what I should be doing too. Just assumed that it was a "stand|<do whatever>" alias.

    At least I think they were yours. It was on the Fight Club thread. 

    Regardless, the system isn't always doing it automatically. WW tics will heal it (though they will also heal another affliction at the same time sometimes? It is odd. Maybe it's just an affliction timing out at the same time--I'll try to post the log) but sometimes I'll recover balance and my queued attack won't go off, with the "You must be standing" message popping. Gotta manually STAND and attack again in that case. 
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    Squeakums said:
    but sometimes I'll recover balance and my queued attack won't go off, with the "You must be standing" message popping. Gotta manually STAND and attack again in that case. 
    For me it stands on that line, and I can just resend the attack immediately. Haven't had to manually stand since like day 2. I play with a constant ~250 ping and I haven't had much of an issue 'competing'.
  • I think you're right. Edited the OP. Still just as much of a problem for me with respect to queuing, but I think you are correct that manually standing never actually did anything. Unfortunately my nexus logs don't show prompt or sent commands, so I can't be 100% sure at the moment.
  • I think there was an issue with prone mobs not attacking and the fix for that broke prone.  I never had issues with WW curing it automatically on top of other afflictions before, but now it seems to permanently auto cure it.
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