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Junk Consolidation

Would it be possible to consolidate the value of junk at higher levels and have less of it drop?  I find that Mudlet/Nexus both hang for several seconds when someone dies in the room and is carrying a lot of junk (i.e., 500-700 pieces of junk).  It seems like if higher level junk were worth more, then fewer pieces could drop and accomplish the same thing, but without creating undue noise in my inventory, the room when I die, or causing the game to hang if someone else dies during group combat.



  • TyeTye
    edited January 2019
    Think it'd be easier to just make junk stackable under the noun "junk". If more than, say, 50 junk is in a room, it's just "a pile of X pieces of junk".
    Eukelade gives you a peck on the cheek.
  • They did this in Achaea when they had issues with someone having a bazillion minipets.
  • Yeah, we do need some higher value options there to prevent that bloat from higher-level drops. Will try to get some higher-tier stuff in at earliest opportunity.
  • Could we also look into giving them a separate bit in the inventory? It really clogs the inventory screen. Makes things weird when you go looking through it or need to use a quest item that shares a name with junk.
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