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Looking for Dynasty

Been thinking about dynasties recently so figured a thread for people looking for a Dynasty or looking to set on up might be handy. 

Dynasty ads are also welcome.
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  • Starting it off.

    Looking around for a Decheeran Grove Dynasty personally or to set one up with some people. 

    Ideally one that's linked to Song, even with a potential focus of becoming "the" Decheeran grove in song.
    Exploring the Decheeran racial rp particularly within the context of Song and our place as one of the notable races and influences within it.

    Or you know, sit around in forests ripping bits off?
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  • I'm hoping to actually on my part find a Shen-based dynasty simply put, so that my character can be around other Shen like him and become more immersed in his heritage.
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    Illidaen said:
    I'm hoping to actually on my part find a Shen-based dynasty simply put, so that my character can be around other Shen like him and become more immersed in his heritage.
    Shen Dynasty Info

    There's a group of us here in CA, we just haven't saved the marks yet to get our dynasty off the ground. Everyone was busy for the holidays, etc. But so far I've been really pleased with my interactions with all of them - you wouldn't know it from the blurb, but we're a really chill, laid-back group, at least OOCly.

    We have a Discord we're using to hash out our background stories and you'd be welcome to join. The reason we're doing this OOCly is our dynasty is meant to represent an actual family, so we aren't going to be ICly recruiting except through marriage/adoption or some other newly-forged familial tie. We RP that we've known each other all our lives. We have both younger and older characters in our group so if you'd like to be a father/son/brother to someone, it's all good.

    If anyone else is interested, of course feel free to message me. The only stipulation is we're a heavily RP-focused group. This means you are expected to write your own emotes etc.

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    We are a group focusing on mindsim programming (mostly for nexus, but want to expand to mudlet as well).  We also are looking for crafters, industrialists, and fighters.  After all programming can help all these areas too!  We also would like to find people willing to test, give good ideas (inventors), and just be good rubber ducks. You don't need to be a programmer to join!

    Starwraith is also home to those that haven't found a place, we have friendly and helpful people.  We have an OOC development clan due to the nature of the work we do and the mechanics that we have to discuss that all family members are welcome to join.

    We are open to all factions.
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  • I thought dynasties had to be IC...
  • I ... also thought that, which makes Starwraith questionable if it has no IC lore behind it.


    Are you in Scatterhome or an unaffiliated individual interested in a strong roleplay base? Human? Human-adjacent? Interested in prospering as humans prosper? Join the RAL DYNASTY. Come. Be part of it. (Contact Pollivar to get in.)
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    It does have IC lore. Which you can see by looking at Dynasty info.  If it has to be IC that's fine, we'll just make an OOC clan.  Does it make sense for a Dynasty everyone agrees to be OOC in, need to be IC?  Serious question.
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  • It seems to me that what you want it to be fits far better as a clan. Your IC purpose of the dynasty could be something as maximizing and fine tuning your abilities to excel, but I wouldn't expect a dynasty for what you're going for. Especially since you only get one of those.
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  • Xiru said:
    Your IC purpose of the dynasty could be something as maximizing and fine tuning your abilities to excel
    It is this, but also a place for all the things I mentioned above.  The Dynasty has an IC purpose, very much so. However, the members have talked about it and decided that the dynasty tells don't need to be IC for them to have a IC purpose for being here.
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  • For me the question would be... why make a dynasty for that? It seems like something some might want to be a part of even if they already have a dynasty. At the same time, an OOC focus puts many of the dynasty facilities to waste, while blocking those that already are or want to be a part of a more RP focused one...
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    Jayden also works to be inducted into mine since hes online during the day in the weekdays generally when I'm not.

    I am a creature of the night that's around when no one else is, haha.
  • Because it's a fun IC concept to have a family line that focuses in software in a futuristic game.  Why not make a human clan instead of dynasty in case people want to be part of human stuff?  It's not any different.  Also it's not an OOC focus necessarily, it's just when you talk about programming and mechanics it's OOC occasionally.  They are people who enjoy this concept so far.  It's certainly not for everyone, but I think it's a cool option to have out there.
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  • We've discussed previously moving the coder talk into a subclan specific to our developers, but before we didn't have a lot of people so it wasn't an issue. Now that we're getting more dynasty members we're probably going to be making the developer clan very soon so that we can keep dynasty chat in character.
  • I'm interested in starting or joining a Ry'nari one, but I haven't had much time to play the game. I feel behind on a lot of things D:
  • I've gone ahead and formed the clan. Dynasty is in character from here on out
  • Modified my original post to include the OOC clan.
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