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[RP/Recruitment] Lockwood Dynasty

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Hello Starmourners,


This thread aims to be a mix between a recruitment thread and an awareness thread about our ongoing RP-focused Dynasty, Lockwood. If you're interested in hearing or knowing more about us, things which aren't specified here, we're at your disposal. Opening this thread up helps us not spam the news so much, heh. Our official advertisment follows:

Dynasty Info

The Lockwood Dynasty steps once again into the light, opening its gates to those who wish to become our brothers and sisters.
Boasting a rich history, deep family ties with the galaxy, great ambition and led by the last two surviving family members, Desmond and Katherine, Lockwood seeks to become a seat of power in the system in regards to areas such as Economy, Intelligence and Military.
The Mercantile branch, focusing on trading and economy as well as the development of the corporation through financial means and expansion is the legacy branch and seeks to reunite Lockwood Corp into a strong entity with endless possibilities.
The Intelligence branch focuses on information, ops, politics and diplomacy and knows well enough that knowledge is power and that the best way to watch a show is, most of the time, from behind the curtains. As such, this branch offers a career path for those looking for the comforting shadows more than the blazing spotlight.
The Enforcer branch, will handle the Lockwood armed forces, our fighter, enforcers and hunters. They will be tasked with internal affairs as well as external, in detailed means that will not breach their citizenship status in the three major factions.
We would also like to clearly state that The Lockwood Dynasty holds no political or military affiliation to any of the factions. Our family members are free to express their individual affiliations should they so desire but the Dynasty itself will not take sides in any faction vs faction conflict.
Lockwood offers a progression based ranking system, focused on merits and involvement as well as a dedicated loyalty system. The dynasty aims to become a structured environment with clear roles, paths, regulations and opportunities as well as events and contracts. Should one be interested in offering their pledge to Lockwood, they should seek Katherine or Desmond Lockwood.



For those interested we also have an OOC clan (Lockwood-OOC - if you want to drop by) set up for the dynasty (since our DT is fully IC) and we aim to have a separate, IC clan for each individual branch to help us better mange our ranks inside each branch.

For more about the Lockwood history, a rather large except of lore can be found in the news: NEWS READ PUBLIC 78.

We also have an awesome ASCII Logo, of course.

If you want to set up a meeting, talk, catch up on life and trade, send us a tell or message in game and we'll be there for you.

Stay awesome y'all!
Desmond Lockwood

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