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What did you name your mindsim?

I went with GEHENNA.


  • Cassandra.  After Cassandra Kresnov, not the Cassandra in the story quest.
    [Cassandra]: Poet will be unsurprised to learn that she has unread news.
  • I named mine Isha because it was the first name that popped on my head. 
  • Reaper, it's what my system used to be called. I swear it's not named after the Overwatch character like so many seem to think it is. Seemed fitting for a Jin Fury at the time.
    Just seems like a fitting name for someone who goes around murdering everything.
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    V.I.N.A. - Virtually Integrated Neural Assistant

    It sounded fancy in my head.
  • Pattern. I like the Stormlight books. 
  • Greed and he insults everyday, I love it 
    (Scatterhome): You say, "Do you like things up your ass? Is your record clean? Are you looking for a job in the near future but not right now? Smuggle drugs for Solus and get stuffed across the galaxy."

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    The name of my mindsim is a character which cannot be displayed in a forum post, but which is typically entered into a text editor using shift+2.
  • Mine doesn't have a name, it's purley there to give me messages and nothing more.
    (Scatterhome): Cal says, "We're called Scatterhome after what everybody does at the end of the night when it's time for someone to pay the bar tab."
    (Scatterhome): You say, "Which by my calculations, it's your turn to pay."
    (Scatterhome): Brantar says, "That's what my calculations have come to."
    (Scatterhome): Paavo says, "My math adds up to that, yeah."
    (Scatterhome): Cal says, "Bastards."

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    Dorothy, after my unfaithful-and-stupid personal defense drone in another game.
    Gave it the Zneer personality so the roles are switched, now.
    Feraluna has called for the honoring of Razzy for the following reason: somehow setting Reynolds on fire, killing someone, and then calling for her own besmirching.
  • Jarvis - #beastpriviledge
  • I called mine Stern.
  • Zeno, after the Greek philosopher and father of modern logic. And then I gave him Zneer for extra fun.
  • I was thinking Jarvis too as a B.E.A.S.T. but eh, I decided to go with Aria.
  • Shakespeare! 
  • Artifex!
  • V, after herself, because it acts like her when she's working, though I do like it 'express' itself in her bots too. I've been slowly increasing it's personality as time has passed. No idea when someone is going to notice, but it amuses ME greatly.
    Character: Vega
    Faction: Song Dominion
    Class: Engineer 

    note: I am always up for RP, antagonistic or friendly. If she's being a bitch, it's because you're from Scatterhome or she's trying to meet a deadline and has nothing to do with whether I want to RP with you or not. Thanks in advance for the RP!

  • Mind-sam
  • Dinklebot
  • Eyes up, guardian.
  • Why can't I turn on its gd flashlight >.<
  • Seed
    And the forum says just that is too short to be allowed as a post so here's a useless sentence.
  • Katya, tempting to reskin some stuff to suit her more
    Avatar by berserkerelf!
  • Posted this elsewhere but Jarvis normally and Ultron when in Unstoppable
  • Atalkez said:
    Posted this elsewhere but Jarvis normally and Ultron when in Unstoppable
    That's actually pretty good Atal! 
  • I went with B1eep for initial entertainment... Tempted to go with Dixie for the long term.
  • Shithead. Inspired by Old Mans War
    Download Montem System for Nexus Client -
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