Development Updates - January 3, 2019

TectonTecton Administrator Posts: 686 Starmourn staff
2019 is here, and it's time for an update on what's happening, development-wise, in Starmourn! 

Since the last update, the entire team has been working tireless to ensure that things are running smoothly for you guys. Here's some highlights:
  • Hundreds of bug fixes across every area of the game
  • Classes all had a pass - fixing bugs, improving systems that were not fun or practical, and doing some minor balancing.
  • Cloning was updated with cheaper cloning, the window for free cloning increased, and the debt system being implemented
  • Lots of tweaks and changes to tradeskills, including reduced costs for design submissions.
  • Quest rewards were increased, bringing quests up as a great way to earn experience
  • INRs were changed, giving the owners more of a chance to recover their lost experience and driving more conflict between players.
  • Many sub-50 areas were tweaked in terms of NPC density, attack types, respawn rates.
Phew, that's a lot! But we don't plan on slowing down either, here's what we've got on the books for the coming days:
  • Economy tweaks: Adjustments to MARKET, refineries, autofactories etc. to really get the player-run economy off the ground and running on all cylinders.
  • Ship Incursions: Making improvements here in terms of availability of incursions, rewards, numbers of enemies per incursion, and many more.
  • Class balancing: Now that the most egregious issues are fixed, we're going to really get down to tweaking numbers and getting the classes more evenly balanced.
  • Area tweaks to our level 50 - 75 areas, in terms of NPC density, attack types, respawn rates, rewards.
  • Design work on a "champion" system, allowing players to contract another player to carry out revenge on their behalf (similar to the Mark system on Achaea), for unjust deaths.

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