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Who Are You?

I thought this would be mildly amusing. Post three (or less) pictures of people or memes from the internet which make up your character. Provide context or not.




    "They are elect to whom beautiful things mean only Beauty."
    — Oscar Wilde

    "I'll take care of it, Luke said. And because he said it instead of her, I knew he meant kill. That is what you have to do before you kill, I thought. You have to create an it, where none was before."
    — Margaret Atwood

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    Sorry so large.

  • It is futile to resist the man behind the curtain.

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  • Ragged Robin (The Invisibles), Jeanette Voerman (VtM:Bloodlines) and Tank Girl
    I'm gone.
  • who who

    who who
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    sheik sulieman titans ile ilgili grsel sonucu

    Playing a Jin reminded me this.
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      When someone comes at Solus with a stupid idea.
      When someone runs their mouth and I got some explosives ready.
           Nuff said.
    (Scatterhome): You say, "Do you like things up your ass? Is your record clean? Are you looking for a job in the near future but not right now? Smuggle drugs for Solus and get stuffed across the galaxy."

  • Millette in a nutshell.

  • My character (not the In Game Satomi, btw) more or less

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    I would not recommend viewing the last one in a working environment.

    E: Also the bird in 2 should be a catbirb.
  • Probably a tucked away Kaylee in there too. She got a good heart, the sassy space wench.

    Image result for tank girl
    Image result for rat queens

  • [spoiler][/spoiler]

    Silver BEAST suit. The spirit of a Roman Legion. Excessive pyromaniac tendencies. 
  • Not Arsentar IG, but:

  • Starbuck! <3

    Firefly! <3
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    [/spoiler] Dana Zane from VA-11 HALL-A

    Latte from 'Miss Not-So Sidekick'

    [spoiler]Image result for love nikki hip hop event
    With a dash of style from one of my favorite events in Love Nikki. Aesthetic mostly influences by the center outfit.

    Aaaaand... last but certainly not least- Xellos from Slayers!!
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    Image result for chappelle showImage result for lando calrissian donald gloverRelated image

    Always finding humor in the darker aspects of life. Adventurous, self centered, opportunistic. But really just a nerdy kid at heart when the hamster wheel stops for the day.
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