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Clarifying Cover.

Cover right now does not seem to be in the right spot.
HELP COVER states that 

Moving will automatically cause you to leave your cover, as will being hit by a melee attack.

This does not appear to be working right now and I think is a serious balance issue with regards to channeled actions.

A channeled action versus a class that only has ranged interrupt is one example of how the lack of being able to take people out of cover may prove too strong.

Having cover removed by melee attacks 100% may also be too heavy a nerf so a chance to remove cover on melee hit could be a good idea.


  • Are Scoundrels the only class with a melee interrupt?
  • We have a melee interrupt? I only know of pointblank, but I don't really have that many lessons into class skills as a lot of other scoundrels, so I really don't know much about higher level abilities yet.
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    (Scatterhome): You say, "Which by my calculations, it's your turn to pay."
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  • Trip interrupts, I believe.
  • Trip does not currently interrupt based on testing yesterday.
  • The same help file also states that you cannot use a melee attack while in cover. This is also not the case last I checked.
  • Engineer's Swing is an interrupt. Should be melee, as the carrybot is swinging it's arm at the target. And it does work, at least against windmill drones. Haven't used it in PvP.
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