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Bug with highlighting triggers on Nexus client

Not sure if this is where I should be putting it, but going to put it here anyway. Working on the Nexus client. Made a trigger that rewrites a the line. Everything there worked fine. Then clicked the "and highlight" checkbox (yellow and green colors if that makes a difference) and things got buggy. Saved, and went to another function and I get the drop down asking if I want to save my work. And said drop down happens repeatedly. Only way to stop is to cancel. 

Come back and the value is saved, but now a previously working alias stopped working. All the alias did was call a function, but I get the error:

Error in Function [chooseAbility]:
SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token

Haven't found a workaround for that one. run_function("chooseAbility"); is the script code I'm using for that.


  • Figured out the issues with the function errors. Unrelated. Highlighting bug is relevant though.
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