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Starmourn Name Database

Hello, Miscreants.

Install with sminstall. Name highlighting is on by default because I'm not going back to change it now.
As you honours people, it'll gradually add them to the database. If you wanna speed up the information gathering you can do qwp instead to parse everyone currently online. Even with ~300-odd people, with the lovely usage of Starmourn's API, this only takes about 5 seconds max to do. No this doesn't spam the game, because it doesn't actually ping the game server at all.
  • smhl to toggle highlighting.
  • smhl <org> <colour> to change highlight colours for that org.
  • anss to show settings. Screwed up the pattern for that alias, can't be bothered changing it now that it's uploaded.
  • whois <person> shows information on that person.
  • sm recreate will recheck everyone in the database, essentially starting from scratch.
  • sm classes shows how many people are using each class (of the tracked people).
  • sm citymembers shows how many people are in each faction.
  • smndb show <faction> shows who is tracked from the chosen faction.
  • qwp will gather information of everyone online. If everyone is already tracked, will print something similar to the picture below.

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