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[Mudlet system] General Quarters (WIP)

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to "General Quarters".

Right now the system only supports the Fury class. In the future I will add the other classes, but while I am building out the main systems I am only doing Fury for now. This is primarily because of the dynamic hotkey displays. They are hundreds of lines of suffering and require that I at least somewhat understand how the class works.

This system is still a work in progress, and I don't have a lot of free time on my hands due to my day job. I will continue updating and adding to it as my time allows. It may be prudent to Create a new mudlet profile if you choose to try it out at this point (Just in case it explodes)
If you would like to use it, provide feedback, help me route out any bugs, by all means. This system is free and will remain free! (Mostly because I can't and don't really want to promise support until the end of time)
That said if you do want to show some support for the system, credit tips are appreciated but in no way required or expected. (Send to "Ilas" ;P)

** No automatic update yet so make sure to uninstall the old one before installing the new version

As you can see, there is still a lot of real estate for me to fill, but most of what is there is functional

In regards to the Fury combo hotkeys, as your stance changes (Signified by the color coded bars just to the right of the target label) the hotkeys below it will update. The blade skill matching the stance is the bar just above the groups of 3 keys, and those three hotkeys in a group are the available rage skills to match the blade skill listed above it. Rage/Blade skill you do not yet own will be dimmed and disabled by the system.
You can see an example of the combos in use in the video at the bottom of the post.

Below that is a static row of 12 hotkeys (F1 - F12). The hotkeys will appear and enable as you learn the skills attached to them. (This should be configurable in the future, but for right now I mostly just focused on community suggestion)

The command GQSETTINGS will open a menu with the persistent settings currently available (Some of the ones the system is using are yet in the menu, sorry)

I'll add more information and update this post soon. (It's late for me right now)

I hope some people enjoy it.

(Combo Test Video)


v - 0.1.3

   * Added trigger to re-evaluate skills for hotkeys and start a hotkey menu rebuild
   * Added death condition check to gambits

v - 0.1.2
     * Fixed issue with uninstantiated table at init
     * Fixed unique cooldown issue with suffuse that caused it to be spammed when fighting things that do more damage than the player can heal
     * Added settings for curing and healing priority thresholds to the GQSettings menu (Under Curing)
     * Added dynamic combat hotkeys for Fury Blade skills being used alone
     * Replaced "evaluate" on the static hotkey bar with "assault" in considerations for "unstoppable" stance as a quick way back to symmetry if desired.
     * Removed some derelict settings from the GQSettings menu.
     * Added command GQSH. This is an emergency shutdown of ALL gambits (That means all of the combat hotkeys as well). This is in case something goes wrong with the system and you need to take complete control back to escape.


  • edited January 2019
    Updated to 0.1.2

    Added a few things and fixed a few bugs. If anyone finds issues please let me know and especially if the Gambits go out of control and you find it trying to spam some command over and over use GQSH to completely shutdown the gambits so you can make an escape to safety.

    If something like that does happen, please let me know so I can try to fix it.

    PS: Until I get handling in for ships and hacking, I would use GQSH to disable gambits before starting either.
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