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Hunting vs other IRE games

As somebody that's done the grind to max level in a different IRE game, my first impression is that I quite like the overall system that this game has.  Allowing afflictions on pve opponents opens up options (even if there's a 'most efficient' combo) while also helping to bridge the gap a little bit better between pve and pvp.  Wetwiring being passive regen/curing with some (class based) active healing abilities that have a cooldown provides a fresh dynamic to the old "guzzle elixirs non-stop as an extra button to press/automate."  Unsure how that'll shake out on the pvp front, but I imagine that the actual decisions/second that players make (once all the stuff that generally got automated is ignored) will still be comparable.  Should be interesting if/when players find a way to break wetwiring, much like finding holes in a particular person's curing system.

I do wish that there was better feedback about afflictions rather than "it might've done something, maybe."  Long term goals, I suppose.  It seems that grouping is viable, too.  It's been quite awhile so I'm unsure about the state of things in the other MUDs, but when I played it was often better to solo because of the xp split + running out of stuff to kill in an area because you killed it too fast with a group (the latter just being a matter of available areas, rather than an issue with grouping).  Duos sometimes made sense, but were uncommon.

Add in the spaceship stuff and it overall seems like an ambitious yet smart design.

I know Nexus isn't Starmourn specific, but it definitely has some cool additions from when I last used it years ago.  Being able to tab (or click) target removes quite a bit of clunkiness, and other clickable things (lifts, etc) are neat as well.


  • I'm absolutely in love with hunting in Starmourn. Outside of RP hunting has always been my main activity and when Achaea came out with Battlerage I thought it was a step in the right direction but I still wanted more. So, yea, Starmourn's PvE is more enjoyable for me than any other MUD's - honestly, I like the PvE here than I do in any MMO I can think of off the top of my head. Getting to do crazy things, even if they aren't the most efficient, is so much fun. Like, I telekinetically lifted a silo and dropped on a beetle yesterday. That's amazing! In fact, my hacking and captaincy skills are pathetically low because I just want to be hunting constantly and occasionally talking on FT.
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  • Telekinesis = Nanoseer abilities?
  • Yea, Voidism has abilities for that grouped as levitation.
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  • Really? I kind of imagined it less as general telekinesis and more as void kith pulling objects and star kith pushing them. 
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  • It's all voidkith (Voidism!); the "push" effect is mimicked by creating a space of voidkith in the opposite direction.
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  • Yea, much better way of putting it. I originally posted last night and was very badly in need of sleep 
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