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Ship Confusion

1) Is it a design choice to not allow Factions, Dynasties or Clans to build fleets? By fleets, I mean group owned ships that any member of that org can fly. If it is, would you mind shedding some light as to why that's a choice? Its extremely frustrating to hit a Cosmpiercer and lose the pilot of the ship for whatever reason, bringing the whole event to a dragging stop.

2) If not allowing orgs to own a ship directly, can we at least please let SHIP PILOT PERMS be a thing? It makes very little sense as to why I couldn't let my buddy fly my ship. Or man the cannons while I fly. Or manage repairs while I'm driving. Or any number of other things. 

3) Currently, the Templates list has no way to look at a template without basically building the ship first. Can we get a way to SHOW a template on your list so you can see what you're options are before loading one up to the forge?

4) Do ship room expansions need to cost so much? I understand making it a way to get marks out of the economy once that's a problem, but right now they seem extremely expensive for no real reason. They provide no tactical benefit I'm aware of. Maybe I'm wrong, does building your ship's interior effect its combat ability?



  • Was talking to someone on discord recently about ship refitting. I think it would be a fair deal to have a stacking cost for ship rooms, ie: 5k for first room, 10k for second, 15k for third, etc up to 25k max. That way people who just want one spare room to have people building bombs or afk in, they can have that without too much of a price check, while the people who want flying fortresses can still get that with enough investment.
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    As long as we're on the topic of ship confusion, I feel like the ship building system is extremely gated behind having butt loads of marks to waste. I tried my hand at building a corvette and I'm finding myself struggling to balance weight and power. Plus the cycles function for your ShipSim seems extremely broken right now. For example-- Your starting ship produces 100 cycles and can power up one medium cannon, right? Well the corvette I bought with two medium slots and 560 cycles can't even power one cannon of the same exact type. 

    That doesn't seem to be working properly to me. I've played EVE Online. I know how to balance weight and power so that your ship can fly. It just feels like without millions of marks to waste we have to learn as we go and it's pretty damn expensive to make mistakes when you can't sell your modules back (or I haven't found out how). I bought a ShipSim that pulls 17k power for a engine that produces 6k halons (as an example). 

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  • Everything related to ships just has an exorbitant and unrealistic price right now, unfortunately. Please yet to PILOT PERMS, though.  Or even better, CREW PERMS
  • I also feel like ship engines get shot up WAY too easily compared to just about every single other subsystem.
  • We need pilot/crew perms just so we can have giant Star Trek style ships!

    I call dibs on being the nameless guy who yells out the shield status every time we get hit until a particularly nasty shot throws us all from our seatbelt-less seats and I bash my head against a console and die.
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  • I like the idea of huge capital ships that take the value of multiple worlds to build and months of RL time to replace if destroyed. I also like the idea of high value optimizations for smaller class ships that are not 100% covered by insurance (because why would they take on that risk), but allow smaller ships to punch above their weight against bigger ones.

    But the base hull for the second ship shouldn't cost a fortune or require selling credits to fit out and be effective in. There are tons of ways to turn ships into a mark sink without making the barrier of entry prohibitive.
  • There needs to be a way to delete a ship that you ‘made’ in the star forge but haven’t actually bought parts for or assembled. I have a couple from before I knew you could cancel out of it when I was checking out configurations :( 
  • You need to be able to sell shambling horrors back to the forge for a percentage of the cost. At least while we're in beta. I can't experiment comfortably. I put a ShipSim built for a Battleship on a Corvette and it took me a minute to figure out why I couldn't take off. 
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