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Roleplay QOL

As a member of the Starmourn playerbase who comes to the Iron Realm games to enjoy some in-depth and satisfying roleplay with my character, I've been super excited to participate in the game. I've really enjoyed having the futuristic setting rather than the medieval ones, and it's just been a blast. That said, tools for roleplay are somewhat slim at this point in time -- sure, we have emotes and says, tells and yells, and some simple emotes like hi and pinch, but there could be so much more!

Disclaimer: The Starmourn team has busted their ass, so this is in no way me trying to say they haven't done a good job. Considering Starmourn is barely two weeks old, we have a solid RP foundation. I'm just hoping to get together a list of roleplayer-curated features that we might like to see to help deepen our RP here in Starmourn.

Multiquote Emotes

   This is obviously one that people have brought up already: the fact that in an emote, you can only include one quote-contained block of text. This obviously restricts emotes, because it means you either have to stuff a lot of neon-blue speaking text in one area, or be able to follow your emote up with says or another emote (depending on your style). For some people, this is fine; I don't mind having to vary how I interact with people, but I also type quickly and enjoy the flow. Even then, I get frustrated when I can break up a spoken sentence with action mid-emote.

Prepended Quotes

   You can put some prepended text at the beginning of an emote with (), but this currently doesn't allow someone to start an emote with conversation. I'm sure there's some reason as to why, but it also causes us to feel sort of strangled when it comes to writing out emotes that don't feel stale, structure wise. Sometimes you just gotta talk first, man.

Expressions/Emoticons on FT

   I've noticed that you can use emoticons over CRT, but not FT. This confuses me. I can understand if FT is a digital readout, where emoticons wouldn't transfer properly, or perhaps saying something happily over FT just doesn't read properly, but CRT and FT are both in-character channels -- so emoticons working for CRT should work for FT as well, or no channels should be able to support them. Further, I wouldn't mind if we could use custom adverbs on CRT/FT if we can't already (I haven't played with this yet).

   It'd also cause all the people who use emoticons in their FT messages to not do it in vain, and make it a little more IC for most of us.

Targeting Inventory Items

   You can target in-room items with $, but you can't use $ to target items in your character's inventory. This is weird, for obvious reasons.

Expanded Target-Referencing in Emotes

   Please tell me if I'm wrong, but there doesn't appear to be a way to reference a target beyond using @name. It'd be nice to have ways to also reference him, his and he, the female options, and the non-binary options as well. (For instance, in Lusternia and Achaea, you can use some expanded emote targeting to get a sentence that reads "Miu points a finger at Spike, winking in his direction." to show as "Miu points a finger at you, winking in your direction." to the target.)

The Weird Space in Possessive Emotes

   If you try to start an emote with 's, it adds a weird space between your name and the 's, instead of making it a possessive.

A Hacker Channel+

   You can send tells while hacking a terminal, but you can't do much else. Someone suggested a hacker channel that, while connected to the commsphere through hacking a terminal, allows you to converse with other people in the commsphere (while also hiding your identity with a random, or player-chosen, pseudonym). This could come with or without 1EE7 speak. (I thought this was novel, so I'm including it.)

Toggling Surnames

   Everyone shows with Name Surname, be it in an emote, or in a tell, or in a deathsight -- but it would be nice to have the option to toggle this off. Also, perhaps so the person with the surname could toggle it off? (Maybe this is already a thing.)

Feel free to add your own ideas, guys!


  • Hacker channel is a fun idea!
  • edited March 2019
    Oh, I'm a derp. @Cise you baited me!
    Character: Vega
    Faction: Song Dominion
    Class: Engineer 

    note: I am always up for RP, antagonistic or friendly. If she's being a bitch, it's because you're from Scatterhome or she's trying to meet a deadline and has nothing to do with whether I want to RP with you or not. Thanks in advance for the RP!

  • I am in love with all of these ideas.
  • One I always wanted - smart variables.

    emote takes a swing at @Jonagologue and catches @1_him in the face with a hook. Satisfied, he winks at @Tinarfeylia and puts an arm around @2_hers waist, leading @2_her out of the bar.

    Doable client-side without too much work, but still would be nice.
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