Call and Referendum syntax very similar, but not the same

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Hey there!
Just thought I'd put this out here in case it's been missed - FACTION CALL SHOW 19 works but FACTION REFERENDUM SHOW 19 does not.  Can we please get these commands utilized so one only needs to change "Call" and "referendum"?  It's confusing to have these commands have the last two arguments backwards.  (And this goes for voting and such as well, they're all opposite each other)


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    Please file a bug report in-game.
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    Was this ever filed? I haven't voted in any referendums because the syntax doesn't show up when you type "referendum" and the help file is strangely empty. I'd write one for you all, but I don't even know the syntaxes involved. 
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    You have to do FACTION REFERENDUM to see the list of options. 

    Mainly, the confusion is because:
    and so on for the rest of the commands. I also always get tripped up when I type FACTION REFERENDUM 1 VOTE 1 but it wants FACTION REFERENDUM 1 VOTE FOR 1.

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    It was filed yes
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    edited January 2019
    I also filed it some time ago but as an idea since it didn't technically seem like a bug.
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