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prop system

  1. can the distribution of props in bashing areas that involve melee targets please include climbable props? There is nothing to be gained from ducking behind cover against these mobs, and I feel that if I (as a scoundrel) could actually utilise props in PVE then they may be less squishy.
  2. I have yet to find a climbable prop in a PVE area to test this theory with
  3. why is a 'broad and heavy bench' not climbable? (marle tunnels)
  4. as per the gmcp/prop thread (sorry I should have combined these) it would be nice to have a way to display props in the room
  5. improvisedcover - maybe more objects with a chance to be climbable, and less walls and recessed doorways?
I am definitely noticing a difference in squishiness combared to my similarly outfitted (2x lesson packs to each) BEAST.
The changes to ammo and ammo switch mean that the answer is not 'try and afflict your target with stuff that reduces their damage output', so I tried to figure out how to use the prop system to advantage. But it falls short.

Not to mention that the general playstyle of scoundrel should involve props, purely to support the roleplay of the class.


  • There's trees in the Song newbie area you can climb up and attack from against mobs. It predictably doesn't do anything but waste time.
  • Is that a bug? Do the mobs climb up with you or just ignore it's presence entirely?
    Maybe props in pve need to operate a bit differently to pvp - but I feel they could and should be the difference between beast/fury and the other classes when it comes to pve squishiness.
  • Related: can we have a config to toggle prop visibility? Really tired of having a paragraph of stuff in every room that I have no use for 99.5% of the time.
  • I don't get cover when a melee attack just brings you right out of it.
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