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Ship Building / Buying

edited December 2018 in Feedback
There absolutely needs to be a better way to buy a ship. Such as selecting a superstructure and then fitting it out before having to make a purchase, so you don't end up with these three engine options:
Engine 1 Ostarian Designs Fusion 25 325 t 1450 Install
Engine 20 Ostarian Designs Gamma 35 350 t 132240 Install
Engine 21 Ostarian Designs Gamma 50 500 t 149497 Install

I'm feeling rather stuck right now and there's no real guidance on it but that cheap engine doesn't give you enough power. Also, clearly prices need a rework. 1450 or 132,000. Bit of a jump there. Currently, I'm gonna let my Corvette sit there as a shell and hope for the best. Just knowing it'll be looked at would be good enough, if that's been confirmed or not.
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  • Yay! Thanks for the response. I can be patient knowing that. <3
    Vote for Starmourn! Don't hurt Poffy.
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