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XP bottleneck

The damage resistance threshold and lack of level 50-60 areas has created an untenable xp bottleneck. Respawn rates in the desert, and especially the quarry are not sustainable for the number of people who need to grind there. Furthermore, to grind the desert effectively one needs to be at least level 51-52 in order to damage all the mobs there effectively. In order to grind the quarry, one needs at least level 56. It seems odd not to be able to bash effectively within the level range the area is intended for. Right now there are only 20 players level 50 and above but this will not last, and I predict the number of level 50-60 players will far exceed the number of 60+ players ready to move on from these areas in the very near future. I propose the following solutions:

1.) Extend the level range before damage reduction comes into effect to 15 levels
2.) Increase respawn rates in the desert and the quarry
3.) Increase the number of mobs in the desert and quarry
4.) Add more hunting grounds in the level range of 50-60, for some reason the pattern of 3 areas (1 per faction) was broken here
  4a.) Development resources being understandably limited for this idea, perhaps the time for a call for builders is here. I volunteer.


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