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Mudlet IRE mapping script updated for Starmourn

Mudlets mapper script for IRE games has been updated for Starmourn!

You can now extend the game-provided map and the rooms will be coloured right, and the 'too fast' line will be gagged during speedwalking just like in other games.


  • super efficient speedwalking (not limited by distance)
  • automatic repathing if you get offcourse
  • locking/unlocking of whole areas
  • mapping
  • scriptable exits with delays, custom commands, etc


  • Something we run for Achaea is a crowdmap - an alternative to the game-provided map with special exits included, more stuff mapped, and so on. If there's interest from the community to maintain such a map, let me know.
  • I would be super interested in a crowdmap option and helping to maintain it.
  • Awesome! Drop by and mention that you'd like to help map for Starmourn

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