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Development Updates - December 22, 2018

Welcome to the first of what I hope to be weekly or biweekly updates just to let you guys know what's happening and what we're focusing on at the moment!

Naturally, we're only a week old, so a massive portion of our time is being spent triaging problems from the initial influx of players. We're powering through them at the highest possible speed, with most of the team putting in 14+ hours a day every day this week to try to make sure that everyone is fixed up at earliest opportunity! Many thanks go our to the team for working so tirelessly!

Alongside triaging bugs and the usual stuff, the development team will be focusing on the following items this week:
  1.  PvP costs and effects balancing - making changes on PvP-based rewards and penalties (be it time spent in regeneration, as well as things like cloning fees and xp loss/gains stemming from PVP).
  2. Class balancing and bugfixing - ensuring that the oddities with your skills and abilities are all worked out.
  3. Adding/adjusting area accessibility - travel to racial homeworlds and some non-factional areas is partially hindered as a result of factional enemying, so this may involve things like additional transports to/from voidgate irises to these non-factional areas of the game.
  4. Factional governance issues and problems - we want to make sure that each faction has a functioning system, so we'll be polishing up a number of the core systems here to make that possible with a minimum of fuss.
  5. Captaincy, economy, and other things - we're going to tweak some things in Captaincy, like lowering the level requirement for space mining and/or gas gathering, as well as add Captaincy gains to other areas of the space system so you have more options for raising Captaincy XP.
  6. An optional profanity filtering system - I've had a lot of feedback from players that they'd like a way to filter out the more flavorful language in the game, so we'll be working on a system there that will give them the option to
  7. Quests - continuing to smooth out the main storyline, adding more side quests and hacking challenges, and improving quest rewards.
Since it is Christmas this week, I just wanted to wish you guys a great holiday season, however you celebrate it, and wanted to say thanks for being part of the Starmourn world!
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