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Mindsim fun

I personally think this is amusing.  I named my Mindsim Cassandra. I'm using that to make my status messages more immersive, by prefixing things with (Cassandra).  I set it to capture and rewrite the "You have slain" line.  Amusingly it also rewrites the quest update line if you are doing the Rockhopper quest.

(Cassandra): Void freeze enabled

You brush your fingertips across a Kronish Cross rockhopper's chest, and a rime of frost begins to steal across its flesh as you drain the heat and energy from its body, freezing it in place.
Damage Dealt: 128 draining
(Cassandra): a Kronish Cross rockhopper is dead Poet
You salvage a meaty joint from the lifeless remains.
(Cassandra): 3 of the 15 required is dead Poet
Balance used: 3.00s.

I'm also planning on reskinning the entire thing by capturing all the Mindsim lines and rewriting them off a random table for each response- ie "You have new news messages" might have 6 different entries and it'd pick one at random to display.
[Cassandra]: Poet will be unsurprised to learn that she has unread news.


  • You do know about the different mindsim styles, right? I mean, maybe you do and you just want to make your own style anyways, and that's also cool. But just asking in case you didn't know.
  • Oh yes. I've tried them all. I just want one a little more customized.

    [Cassandra]: Poet will be unsurprised to learn that she has unread news.
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