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Star map and chart captured to consoles

Some people discussing the difficulty of the level 10 quests couldn't agree on whether it is easy or near-impossible, and it seemed as though handling the space map is the difference. And from personal experience, trying to look at starchart while flying is painful at best.

Download, install as a package or upzip and install as a module, either works.

It should be disabled by default. Not sure if disableTrigger() makes it into packages.

There is an alias to toggle each of the miniconsoles on/off. The consoles have no borders and are black so you won't know they're there until they capture something.

starmap on
starmap off
starchart on
starchart off
starall on
starall off

The map is a console on the left that captures the space view when piloting, so if you have no GUI and don't know how they work, go into preferences and find the setting for LEFT BORDER WIDTH. Usually I'd set this in the package but this was a rush job and I'm pretty sure you'll want to move the console somewhere else anyway.

The chart is a smaller console on the right that captures the starchart output.

If you want to resize either of these DON'T FIDDLE WITH THE 'WIDTH' or 'HEIGHT' values in the script. They match the map sizes in characters of width/height. Adjust the font size instead, and the console size will follow.

Speaking of fonts, the map console uses 'Lucida' because it seems to be more square as a font. Hideous for text, better for ascii art. Not perfect though so if you know of a better one it should be obvious in the script where to change it.


  • Ah, it loads on startup, and I forgot to put in a redraw alias. If you need to redraw it while moving/resizing etc, use:
    from the command line

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    Oops, I made a post instead of a message. How to browse on phone.

    But, got it!
  • The starmap isn't updating for me.. when I first turn it on, it'll capture the map, but when I'm moving it doesn't move along with me

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