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GMCP Afflictions

Repurposed my GMCP aff capture from Achaea to work for Starmourn. I tested this lightly, so can't guarantee that it works in all cases, but it works for me on a fresh profile on the basic afflictions that I have access to right now.

This is purely a table of Afflictions and Defenses populated by GMCP. You can then reference aff or def conditions with Aff.whatever and Def.whatever.


Note: This is for Mudlet only, if someone wants to swap it over to javascript for Nexus, no problem here


  • Thanks mate, doing this from scratch is somewhere on my list so you've saved me some boredom :)
  • Starmourn gmcp does this annoying thing where 
    capitalises the names of defs.

    While gmcp.Char.Defences.Add
    has them in lower case. (Also .Remove)

    Not sure yet whether the same is true for afflictions.
    Anyway, it means that defs don't get removed IF they were added via list and not add, if that makes sense. 

    <div>{</div><div>&nbsp; Ramset = true,</div><div>&nbsp; ["serrated wristblade"] = true,</div><div>&nbsp; ["Sharpened wristblade"] = true</div><div>}</div>

    the fix is the :lower() in:
    function DefList()
    	Def = {}
    	for k, v in ipairs(gmcp.Char.Defences.List) do
    		Def[gmcp.Char.Defences.List[k]["name"]:lower()] = true
    It may be necessary to do the same for affs as well.

  • Also, just noticed that the DefList function is duplicated - it is both in its own script object and in the AffDiag script object. Doesn't really matter but it makes sense to delete the one in AffDiag.
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