Hindrance Affs and Mobs

JakeJake Posts: 2Member
Drawing your shoulder back, you fling a makeshift dart launcher towards a mossy shellback, and it flies end over end towards it with a timer on the side counting down the seconds.
A makeshift dart launcher explodes!
There is a faint buzzing noise, and a mossy shellback lifts a hand to its neck, frowning in confusion before slowly toppling to the ground, drugged to unconsciousness.
A mossy shellback falls to the ground!
A mossy shellback bites you, hard, with powerful jaws closing tight around your flesh.
A mossy shellback awakens with a start.
A mossy shellback has cured the effects of Sleeping.

Just wondering if this is by design, since it would probably make bashing a lot easier if we could put mobs to sleep.


  • IndiIndi Posts: 192Member ✭✭✭
    Same happens with netlauncher. 
    Which probably means bind as well - a shame as bashing with forcefeed seems like it would be fun.
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