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mobile piloting

So I am one of those people who will play starmourn up 70% of the time on my phone. I am used to bashing and navigating and such from other games so I am not having trouble with that.

What I want to know is has anyone worked up way to pilot our ships? With nexus I have to keep swiping back and forth between the map and the command line which isn't workable for me. Similarly, I could set up  bunch on buttons on blowtorch but I think the constant map update will be too spammy.

Any tips? 


  • Is Bluetooth keyboard an option at all? 

    Also maybe the movement compass can be expanded to also direct ship movement? That'd be admin work, but it's a possible solution for your issue down the line. 
  • I have been playing around with blowtorch.  I have now so I can fly from planet to planet pretty easily. I don't have it working with combat yet. 

    A bluetooth keyboard is a good idea!
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