Persistent Quests and Temporary Quests

SethysiaSethysia Member Posts: 14
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I've noticed that we're not able to abandon quests that we may not want to do any longer.

However, a stopgap measure seems to be placed in so that a quest is automatically abandoned after it has gone X hours without progress and you get the message, eg, "You failed to complete "A Delicious Disaster!" on time!"

Are there also pesistent quests (like the main storyline one) that stay in your quest log until they are completed? How can we tell?

I ask because if the quest somehow bugs out, it'll need admin intervention just to fix it since it isn't auto un-started. And also there are quests with multiple tedious steps, and any effort there will be wasted.


  • snailbeesnailbee Member Posts: 17
    Most of the quests that are not the main storyline quest, you can abandon by going back to the NPC quest giver and selecting the "not interested anymore" dialogue option.
  • OryxOryx Moderator Posts: 112 Moderator
    There is a QUEST ABANDON command on the to-do list for quests that aren't part of the main storyline!
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