What other MUDS have you played?



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    Ive dabbled a lot, but Achaea is my home mud.

    Starmourn is a new mud beginning.

    Hahaha like I have enough free time to play Starmourn. I'll crawl towards the level cap and get there one day.

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    Anonymous said:
    Any real old school Lusternia players here?

    I'm talking like when Lusternia opened.
    Hi. Doubt you would know me though, my character wasn't that high-profile and I was in a different org than you.
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    My main MUD was Avalon the Legend Lives, but I have played Achaea, Aardwolf and a few others that I cannot think of mostly due to the fact I didn't even last a day on most of them including Aardwolf. I am so happy Starmourn is here and I can finally move away from my home MUD of Avalon, Starmourn is my new home now and it's been fun thus far.

    I played Furgle in Achaea, he's not very well known at all and I only spent a total of maybe 3 months playing him.
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    I play MUDs for RP.  Played a bit of Aardwolf, It was too random for me.  Achaea was my main for a long time.  Hoping Starmourn can give me the sci fi fix.
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    A spin on this thread might be: how did you discover your first mud? 

    I was a poor uni student with an old hand-me-down pc that couldn't run any new games. I was vaguely aware of text based games because a few years earlier at school some friends had talked about a wheel of time BBS. 

    I tried a handful of muds and fell into Achaea. 
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    Almost 5 years ago a friend of mine told me about text based games and I tried to play one, but they never showed me how to connect to one and made it sound so complicated and my friend didn't actually understand it and had a friend of hers set it up for her with some sort of client and some sort of UI stuff. I think the client was like Mushclient or something that I can't remember.

    Almost two years later I had just moved in with my girlfriend after being homeless for a year and all I had was a cheap cell phone that had little data and couldn't run any games. I remembered text based games and decided to see if my phone could play them. I found Avalon and was told about an android client and I was hooked to text based games ever since. It's been over two years now since I made my first character in a text base world. 
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    At the age of 9 I got heavily into D&D in a small town called Rehovot, Israel. The town's defining landmark is the Weizmann Institute of Science, which has produced numerous Nobel Laureates and Turing Awards over the years. Because of the town's very small population, and the gargantuan size of the institute, its economy and employment revolves almost entirely around STEM research and high-tech development. Basically if Silicon Valley and MIT were a country, this would be it.

    What this means is everyone I grew up with and went to school with there came from a family of high-tech/science nerds and geeks. D&D was cool. All my friends were playing it. We were the clique that ruled the school. There was nothing shameful or counterculture about it and I had no idea that it was considered weird elsewhere until I moved away to the UK, aged 12.

    So I turned up at my new school with my jumpstart science education and pile of D&D books and was like 'hey peeps where the D&D club at?' And then everyone looked at me weird and someone pulled me aside and said I can't be seen talking nerdy like that or I won't make any friends. Cue depression and RP-shaped hole in my soul.

    So I went to Google and typed in 'online roleplay' / 'online D&D' and somehow Achaea showed up. I got instantly hooked and that's the story of how/why I discovered my first MUD! It wasn't the same as hanging out with RL school friends and playing tabletop RP without stigma, but it was definitely better than being the odd duck in an English girls' school. The friendships I've made online through MUDing over the years have lasted me a lifetime, and in many cases transcended the online/RL barrier.

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    Aetolia was my first 13 years ago and was my main - I still play it today. I dabbled in the other IRE games, but they never really stuck until Starmourn. I tried Avalon once.
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    Played Lusternia religiously for many years, but got tired of the stretch thin and having to buy too many credits, so I played Achaea for a year or two. Then I sat, dormant, waiting for Starmourn.
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    Yearning for more DND games my friend told me about Achaea and the things that can happen there.  And here we are.
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    In the early 2000s there was no D&D in my home country, Honduras. It's not that it wasn't popular--nobody had even heard of it. I have no idea why I was into roleplay at the time (I was 13 and mostly into Harry Potter fanfiction) but somehow I stumbled upon Imperian. It's been on again, off again between Imperian and Achaea since then. I could never get invested enough to stick around for more than a few months. Ever since the announcement of Starmourn, I've really been keeping up with everything and I've liked it so much that I think this time I'm sticking around for good. 

    Also @Kestrel my best friend works at Weizmann! Small world.
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