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Clans and Dynasties - Distinctions

So, I've seen both dynasties and clans mentioned as groups that players can form and join in the game, but I'm a bit unclear on what differentiates the two.

According to Tecton, 'There will be player clans, which are generally free-form organisations that could range from a family group, to a drug smuggling ring, to a trade federation.'
Aurelius mentioned ' Starmourn has no guild equivalent. Maybe we'll 'bless' some player-formed organizations (like clans in other games) and make them more official'

In regards to dynasties, Tecton said, 'Dynasties don't need to be a biological family, they can be any grouping of people really. So yes, they could be a grove or a named player-run business empire.'

So as far as I am aware, both are groups that can be formed and joined by players, though you can only be in one dynasty at a time (I believe), and both can essentially be flavoured as any type of group you wish. 

What exactly sets them apart from one another? Can only clans be 'blessed' to make them more official, or does this apply to dynasties as well? Is there a reason that I should set up my organisation that crusades for the betterment for all as a clan as opposed to a dynasty or vice versa?


  • Dynasties give you a surname, essentially replacing bloodlining/family clans and do not have to be family at all. You can only be in one dynasty at any given time.
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  • I've always felt like dynasties are more involved, long-lasting, and expected to have deeper ties. Even though they do not have to be a family, it seems like they should have a family-like feel, sort of an adopted family, like a gang or a mafia/mob or, having trouble finding a good positive similar group, but all the same, that's the general feeling I get. Like Syaja already said, you can only join one and you get a surname if you have enough people in your dynasty. It seems like your dynasty is expected to have more mechanical functionality and admin support, some of it unlockable by dynasty size. I wonder if there is functionality unlocked by other aspects of the game, such as players within completing a certain quest, etc.
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  • Aye, I knew about that part. Is that the only difference, though, Syaja? 

    I got that impression as well, Qitorien, but it'd be nice to know for sure what the mechanical and general differences are between the two.
  • I don't know. I'm curious if clans could be upgraded to dynasties now as well.
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    I can't wait for the political drama. I would associate clans with politics & pvp whereas dynasties would be more RP-oriented, with longer term goals and closer trust and comradery. Would be cool if dynasties can leave their name somewhere in the galaxy. Leave their mark on history, like a monument for being the first dynasty to achieve something.
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