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Dreams of Starmourn dancing in our heads

Figured I'd share a nice little(True) story to pump up the hype train!

I had a dream.. a dream where the starmourn beta came down to a live contest of "skill?" out of like 5 contenders I think.

Challenge #1:The first challenge was to sit on chairs and figure out whose chair was spraying water from the bottom onto the floor.
Results: No one got it right. The water was literally spraying from thin air, I dont even know.

Challenge #2: Running in a circle while holding our breath. Last person to start breathing wins.
Results: I dont remember too much of the event, but in no understandable way, it was a three-way tie(myself being one of them). I only remember the result and the explanation.

Challenge #3: Eating super spicy ice cream 😂. Whoever eats the most before quitting and running out of the room.
Results: 2 people ran out of the room immediately, literally crying on the way out. It was my turn but then my alarm started going off.

The proctors told me if I wake up, then I'll be forfeiting the chance to be in the beta.. unfortunately that damn alarm wouldnt shut up.

Winners of the Dream Beta Sweepstakes!!


I guess the moral of this story can be taken from the inspiring words of Shia LaBeouf. 
"Don't let your dream be dreams. Just DO IT."Even if we dont get in the beta, we've got it in December! Aw yeah!

Anyone else dreaming of starmourn yet?
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