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Various Questions

I've got a few questions I haven't found answers to from general reading. Forgive the lack of focus on game content, I'm satisfied IRE will produce something awesome, I'm more so curious about some of the things that deterred me from other games.

  1. I recall Achaea implemented a balance queue command from memory. Will there be something similar for various balances (Not just the main ones like Equilibrium and Balance) in Starmourn? For example ONBAL WEST as opposed to spamming WEST, preferably with the ability to queue multiple commands for example ONBAL WEST:SHOOT DEATHLASERS EAST AT TECTON. This makes huge difference for someone with high latency and at times is what stopped me bothering to play. I see this as a really important way to bridge the gap between continents when local servers or client side handling are not possible.
  2. The "Power Level" in Achaea in my opinion was just way to high, especially towards the later period of the game where there were a lot of dragons and a lot of people with all the level 2/3 artifacts that effected combat and also world events. Meaning that for your normal level 80 guy running around with a few thousand credits with of investment, it was quite one sided. Even though I could fork over the money and buy equality, I didn't feel it was very worthwhile, and preferred to just leave and find a game with a more equal playing field. Is Starmourn going to have level 2/3 artefacts for various class abilities,  stats, weapons, health recovery, etc etc... or is there a possibility of sticking to level one, or lowering their effect or number. I'm aware a Pay to Play system isn't going to be in place (Which I think would be a great option, perhaps just for one of the games), but I would love to have divide bridged between low/mid/high tier investment in the game (It seemed to me people still invested loads in cosmetic and utility artifacts anyway).
  3. Will character retirement from other games for credits be available initially, will there be any chance to extend the 30day new character limit while people decide if they want to play the game? I would hate to retire my main character and find Starmourn doesn't end up with a high enough player base to make it interesting to play. Although I would also hate to have to re-roll a new character in three months time after I decide I want to stick to the game.
Anyway, I'm really keen to try Starmourn, I've tried getting back into IRE games on and off and I have never got the same enjoyment I used to get, can't wait!


  • Obviously I can’t answer #1, but for #2 (teehee) I recall reading somewhere that retirement will not be available until three months after the release date. Once that wait time has hit, you’ll be able to transfer your retirement credits to a character less than 30 days old, or you will have a 30 day grace period to transfer them to an already-existing character.
    There will also be credit sales available at launch.
  • 1. It has been confirmed there will be a queuing system. It sounded like it was automatic so it worked a little bit different functionally than Achaea, but had the same result.
    2. It has been confirmed there will likely be level 1-2-3 artefacts in the same way as the other IRE games.  I share your sentiment here, but Achaea has even recently made a huge stride towards helping newer or non-heavily artied people.  At level 80 you now get the same health as if you were level 99, and in addition Survival no longer costs lessons and is given for free.
    3. It has been confirmed that retirement will not be available day one, it will be available 3 months after release.  There is a blog post on the site about retirement.

    Regarding #2, I am heavily artied in Achaea and I get beat by people that aren't all the time.  There are a couple of situations where artied vs. unartied makes a significant impact, but skill and knowledge will always beat out artefacts and a lack of the former.
  • Thanks for the replies :)
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