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I've been playing imperian lately while I wait for starmourn to launch and was wondering if the stances/attacks work like they do for imperian Predator class of if it's going to work like blademasters in Achaea. 

I.e. stance/hit/stance/hit or take stance and then attack?

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    From the website (there’s more info there for you as well):

    The key point here is that the order of things goes Battleflow attack -> Rage ability -> new stance. You rarely stay in the same stance from attack to attack, and you don’t manually-trigger your stance changes. The attack you use and the stance you were previously in determines what stance you flow to.

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    Predator is the class that was Idra, right? (I left Imperian around about the time the classes were duplicated in every corner of the game so I only remember the original guild names, not the class names).

    So more like predator than tekura, but there is a delay after the attack before flowing into the new stance. During that delay you make your rage attack. 

    An important distinction because it means you don't need to send the sword attack and the rage attack as a single multiline attack in order to 'combo' at max speed. If you're used to driving those sorts of combos (either with clever aliases or automation) then that wouldn't mean much, but it means you can have simple, separate keybinds and attack at the same speeds with the same ability to choose any combination on the fly.



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    It sounds like predator stances just not sure
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