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Sneak Preview: Your Appearance!

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The above examples are what you may see when you LOOK at someone. The "description" field is freeform and can be changed anytime; the rest have restrictions of some kind. Enjoy!

And before you say anything, the inconsistent capitalization in the feature list has already been fixed! It was bugging me, too. :(


  • Why is there a slash across the W'hoorn description?
  • Jerom said:
    Why is there a slash across the W'hoorn description?
    Oh I probably did that in paint.
  • The second one isn't loading for me :(
  • The slash is there to represent what I'm gonna do to them!  :)
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    Some help files to accompany the examples:

    3.7.1 Appearance and Build

    Appearance and build, as viewed when looking at yourself or another person, are aspects that cannot be directly set.

    Appearance is initially based on your age, but can be modified via rejuv treatments. See HELP REJUV for more.

    Build is calculated based on your caloric intake vs. balance time. If you want to have a different build, either start eating or start exercising! See HELP FOOD AND DRINK for more.

    3.7.2 Description

    In addition to selecting various traits such as height and skin color, you can also set a freeform description. This can be any text you like, going beyond your basic physical features and describing, for example, a visible attitude, facial expression, physical tic, or distinguishing feature like a scar. The syntax is:

      DESCRIBE MYSELF AS <text>               Write a freeform description.

    If you choose, you could elaborate on, but should not contradict, your basic features. For example, if you have hazel eyes, you should not use this description to say "Though they seem hazel, Tecton's eyes actually are red lasers beams." Instead, you could elaborate with "Tecton's hazel eyes are soulful and expressive, like those of an adoring puppy dog."
  • Pollivar said:
    The slash is there to represent what I'm gonna do to them!  :)
    I'm already wetting my litter box :anguished:
    I would say the slash is there to represent the ferocity and raw passion of my people.
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  • What's with all the sheaths?
  • Kaedok said:
    What's with all the sheaths?
    Armor is a sheath that melds over the proper bodypart (for light/medium armor) or a unit for heavy/beasts (which is welded onto your beast suit)
  • Will BEAST suits be like late edition Iron Man suits where it can deploy over your body from a central back unit?
    Also, custom clothes for looking like Spike Spiegel?


  • Well, I was planning to make my character fat - It looks like one of my first activities will be to find a place to stuff my face!
  • Are the jetpacks operable?
  • Hello,
    can you put in text what you have in the pictures of the Appearance? am a blind player, so can't see whats in the pictures.
    Thank you
    Kevin Roberts

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    Here's the first one, share in our excitement buddy

    Name: Malcolm
    Race: Elgan Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Scatterhome Status: Healthy
    Appearance: Immature
    Ear shape: ragged
    Eye color: red
    Height: 120cm
    Skin color: dun
    Build: Average
    Description: This lovable rogue has a friendly and trustworthy countenance, with attitude to spare. He stands with shoulders squared, vaguely reminiscent of some military background, but he otherwise looks like anything but a typical footsoldier.
    Attire: A black V-neck shirt on his torso, a pair of basic knuckledusters, a pair of worn-out combat boots on his feet, and faded green cargo pants on his legs.
    Armor: A Scout L1 head sheath, a Scout L1 torso sheath, Scout L1 arm sheaths, Scout L1 hand sheaths, a Scout L1 sash sheath, Scout L1 leg sheaths, and Scout L1 foot sheaths.
  • Orion said:
    Are the jetpacks operable?
    Indeed they are!
  • Oh boy! I wonder how the whole 'build' thing will work between classes if there is a difference.

    Like, would an engineer who just hoverboards around all day get fat from lack of exercise where as a Fury hippity hoppitying around and swinging a sword be swole provided they take in enough calories?

    Or are these activities one would need to manually take part in inside a city/your ship's gym?

  • Hello,
    can you put in text what you have in the pictures of the Appearance? am a blind player, so can't see whats in the pictures.
    Thank you
    Kevin Roberts

    -- Kaylee ---------------------------------------------------------------------
    Race: W'hoorn Gender: Female
    Affiliation: Unknown Status: Healthy
    Appearance: Youthful
    Eye color: Green
    Fur color: Russet
    Height: 180 cm
    Mane color: Chestnut
    Wing color: Chestnut
    Build: Average
    Description: Brimming with exuberance, this cheerful W'hoorn looks like the type who has an easy laugh and helping paw. With her thumbs tucked jauntily into her pockets, she constantly shifts from one foot to the other.
    Attire: A compact jetpack on her shoulders, a faded blue kerchief on her head, a scorched spacer's jumpsuit on her torso, and sturdy work boots on her feet.
    Armor: A ShadowA01 head sheath, a ShadowA01 torso sheath, ShadowA01 arm sheaths, ShadowA01 hand sheaths, a ShadowA01 sash sheath, ShadowA01 leg sheaths, and ShadowA01 foot sheaths.

    -- Jayne ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Race: Nusriza Gender: Male
    Affiliation: The Song Dominion Status: Healthy
    Appearance: Mature
    Eye color: Black
    Feather color: Gold
    Height: 200 cm
    Scale color: Orange
    Tails: Long
    Build: Average
    Description: Brawny and gruff, Jayne has a penetrating avian stare that is made even more severe by the presence of a long, jagged scar that crosses his left cheek from eye to chin. His folded arms suggest a stubborn nature.
    Attire: A band of hammered palladon, a leather vest on his shoulders, a pack covered in dark scales, and sleek black pants on his legs.
    Armor: A Scout M1 head guard, a Scout M1 torso guard, Scout M1 arm guards, Scout M1 hand guards, a Scout M1 sash guard, Scout M1 leg guards, and Scout M1 foot guards.

    -- Inara ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Race: Shen Gender: Female
    Affiliation: The Celestine Ascendancy Status: Healthy
    Appearance: Mature
    Eye color: Black
    Frill: Jeweled
    Height: 185 cm
    Skin color: Violet
    Skin pattern: Swirling
    Build: Average
    Description: Decisively lovely, this serene Shen is graceful in every movement. Though a piercing black hue, her eyes are soft and gentle; coupled with a slight smile, she bears a confident and understanding expression.
    Attire: A flowing dress of blue and violet on her torso, a necklace of jeweled bronze plates, a set of bronze tentacle cuffs, and dainty blue silk slippers on her feet.
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    I know these names.... :chuffed: :D
    Lol, I don't know whether to feel proud of myself that I recognized them or terribly embarrassed that it took me this long to notice the names. I only did because of your most recent post, @Oryx ...

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      I'm going on a rampage
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      sets out a saucer of milk
  • Perfect race choice for Kaylee
  • Indi said:
    Perfect race choice for Kaylee
    Inara comming from a strongly monogamistic race/culture sounds a bit off, though :-)
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  • Man, I'm looking forward to the B.E.A.S.T class. Give me some H.U.D. like feedback, maintenance, suit status reports.......B,E.A.S.Ts are going to be BEAST!
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